quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011

How to make art with a PALLET - Do it yourself

Well guys, you know I LOVE PALLETS and alternative decoration. I was looking for something on this theme, after my student Gi had seen a new thing that will be transformed on a desk to  my baby and I found this wonderful artwork and with a DIY.

So, I invite you to dive into this Possible Design atmosphere and maybe who knows, you can try something cheap and different and give your home sweet home a personality or YOUR PERSONALITY.

Visit the blog TIP JUNKIE and have the DIY right here.

If you have some alternative decoration item in your house and want to share. Send the picture of it with the DIY in English and I will post it here. (A good challenge for you that loves decoration and need to practice English, right?)

Waiting for your comments on this post!!!

English and Fun

You know what? That blog atmosphere is surprising. This song and the change of the name of the blog, brought me La Maga and her interesting blog with English and Fun.
We are going to change ideas and be in touch. I visited her blog and just loved it and I invite you to go there and do some activities to have fun and practice your English.

Go to English and Fun at Eccleston School.

I am waiting for your comments. Tell me if you went into a game, or had fun with a song.

(Guess what, I loved the Beatles songs there).

terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

Three Little Birds | Playing For Change

Playing for change is an ONG that collects images and sounds around the world (including Rio) of people playing and singing on the streets and edit all these images and sounds collected, which is turned into a great and full of food to our souls clip.

Watch, sing together and be cool!

I chose this song, Three Little Birds because I am a huge fan of it and this message that makes us believing that "Everything is gonna be all right".

So, I also chose this name to my business of teaching and working with English.

Hope you like it!

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

What? Who? When? Where? How?

Você está cheio de dúvidas e não sabe como usar as "Wh- questions", ou seja as palavras que servem para perguntar, o que, quem, quando, onde e como, aproveite essa seleção de exercícios. Ela é separada por níveis e você pode ver sua resposta.

Clique aqui.
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