quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2011

How to make art with a PALLET - Do it yourself

Well guys, you know I LOVE PALLETS and alternative decoration. I was looking for something on this theme, after my student Gi had seen a new thing that will be transformed on a desk to  my baby and I found this wonderful artwork and with a DIY.

So, I invite you to dive into this Possible Design atmosphere and maybe who knows, you can try something cheap and different and give your home sweet home a personality or YOUR PERSONALITY.

Visit the blog TIP JUNKIE and have the DIY right here.

If you have some alternative decoration item in your house and want to share. Send the picture of it with the DIY in English and I will post it here. (A good challenge for you that loves decoration and need to practice English, right?)

Waiting for your comments on this post!!!

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