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Traveler's Drops - Berlim - special to Rosane and Claudio

Hey guys, how are you doing? Have you missed my posts? Tell me the true!
Well, trying to come back to the posts routine...by the way, if you have suggestions about regular posts, please, leave a comment.

This post iis for Travelers. That's why it is called traveler's drops...it means "small, fresh and good"posts, like Drops (candies).

As, I am preparing a beautiful and great couple to visit Germany, this Drops go specially to them:

Well guys, I saw Didi Wagner visiting some places in Berlim and realized that it would be great if you could:

1- Follow the TV programs - every Tuesday at 22:00 (if it is not possible, see the alternative times here).
2- Watch the videos on internet

Notice that the program on TV is much better, longer and you can see a Braziliam reporter speaking English aand local people speaking English too. Also, there is a little of Portuguese and German...it is interesting and cultural aspects are always present...good for people that is looking forward visiting this place.

I separated one video - click here.

Did you enjoy the tip?

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