segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2009

British and American

We are on the International English age, with globalization, web and so on, but anyway, there are some differences between British and American English. Go ahead and take a look at this interesting list. One good way to work on memorizing things in a language you are studying is to write the lists, in different colors and hang on doors, closets, cabinets and when you have the chance of looking at them, you read and keep vocabulary. And you? What is your strategy for memorizing new words?

The link for visiting:

Come back here to include any other words to the list you know or even comment the one you considered the most interesting on the list above.

Have fun!

Marcelle Rebelo

3 comentários:

Jane Murback disse...

To memorize new words I use to pay atention in thinks that I really love, like musics. Is a way to link words with things that i'm realy insterested.
For example. I was listening a music and a new word apears: mercy (i'm bagging you for mercy). I used the dictionary to know this new word.


mylan disse...

I just try say it with a sentences and imagine with the thing i like

Juliana disse...

It´s the 1st time that I´m heare and i loved your blogger!

I really love english, so every time I try to practice.
To memorize i use to link some words with things that I really love, like Jane.
I think that is common because since we are a baby we link things to another to memorize it!

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