sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009

Jane got her chocolate!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys! I am happy to see on Mulheres Impossíveis a picture (a post) from Jane with her chocolate!!!!!!!!
So, keep following us and there will be more things like that here on Learn English with Kisa.
By the way, I am specially happy because Great Jane keep following us and posting comments here and in English...proud and it makes me in a mood of being creative and keep stimulating English around here!
Love and a Sweet Carnival for you all!

Um comentário:

Jane Murback disse...

Hi Kisa, I love call you Kisa, Celle, Marcelle. Is it ok for you?
Tks for show my post here in your blog.
I have a English class today, and I feel that I understanding (eu nunca sei qdo usar esse ING no final, mimata) better when the issue is interesting to me.

Putz! Viajei. Em portuga: eu entendo melhor assuntos que me interessam, tipo seu blog e um outro que to amando.
Depois dá uma olhada


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