quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2009

U2 cds finally

Hi Guys, finally I found the U2 CDs. In March I haven´t founded them. Sorry. Nana from Sweet Cherry gave me a tip of having the gifts before launching the promo and it is the obvious thing I am adopting since them. Anyway, Jane from Mulheres (Im)possiveis, Nana from Sweet Cherry, Angela from Scraps e outras paixoes and Michelle (which image is above...I have not founded any blog) please e-mail your addresses to marcelle@decsolucoes.com.br or marcellerebelo@yahoo.com.

If possible, please send me the addresses today. I was sick (in bed) and I am on vacation and there is no post office near my house and TODAY, I am in Rio, downtown...so, it would be perfect.

By the way...the songs are HITS, so, even though they are not real fans of the Irish band, they will like the cd:
City of Blinding lights
Window in the skies
Sometimes you can´t make it on your own
The Saints are coming
Where the streets have no name
Sunday Bloody Sunday
New year´s day
Beautiful day
Pride (In the name of love)
Walk on
I still haven´t foundwhat I am looking for
Stay (Faraway, so close)
With or without you
Stuck in a momet you can´t get out of
Sweetest Thing

Which one you want to see here with the lyrics?

2 comentários:

Jane Murback disse...

Tks a lot my sweet heart.

Aprendi falar sweet heart com a NOra do Brothers & Sisters. Eu sou ela ta? Se vc pretende ver a série, escolhe outra personagem.
Ah, e o Justin, filho mais novo drogado e prostituido da familia também já é meu.

Gata, vou amar e esperar ansiosamente e postar uma foto minha beijando o CD na boca.



Angela disse...

Well, I love Where the streets have no name, soo, this is my vote!! I just could sent my address to you tooo late, sorry, I was working, and I can check my email just almost midnight! kisses!!

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