quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2015

How to write a good composition

I use this strategy for everything I need to write since I got it in an English Class, at Speak English Idiomas with Mr. Potz.

1- Brainstorming

Take notes of each idea you have about the theme. Don´t mind about if makes sense or not.
You can use a circle, with the theme in the middle and make lines with the words, like a sun
From here


Use post its to make it more creative and make you happy : )

Use a board, a big paper, a notebook.

The point here is try to collect and get in touch with things you know and you would like to talk about the theme

After you have all the words, try to link some of them into groups of connection. Then try to separate then into the parts below

2- Decide how many lines you are going to use and divide it into:


Every text must have this structure, so the person that reads it, will get it!

For example, try to think about 5 lines for each part to start!

Would you like to try?

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