segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

I see flowers in you!

Do you like the energy of flowers?
I love it!!! I and my friend Nana have this phrase tattoed in our bodies to remember that we used to write this phrase on the envelopes when she used to live out of Rio and we changed letters to reduce the kilometers and how we missed each other that time...we really believe in the good energy of flowers and also used to buy flowers earrings, necklaces etc.

Today, I cut off two flowers in my garden and used them to turn my desk more beautiful and being with flowers makes me feel calmer, relaxed and with a good sensation. I use to have plants that have flowers during all the year!

September is when Spring starts in Brazil, specifically on 23rd it starts, so, to celebrate it, this post gives you:

1) A picture dictionary where you can learn names of flowers from A to Z.
Click here.

2) An exercise where you can test if you know the name of flowers in English (it shows you the answers when you click on the buttom show the answers).
Click here.

I love using flowers at home, in all the rooms, including the bathroom. I used to by flowers every Monday and distribute them into wine bottles around the house. I love roses, daisies and I am crazy about Gerberas, they are like big daisies, they come into strong colors and they take a lot of time in vases. I love tropical flowers too.

What is your favorite flower, by the way?

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