quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

Today´s Quiz - phrasal verbs - level 1

Hi, today is Quiz day and as I told here before, September is month of TOEFL and phrasal verbs exercises. It is for intermediate or upper intermediate, but if you are brave, go ahead and try. I chose a level 1 quiz:

This quiz is not too big and you can click and see the answers.

Click here for the quiz.

Tell us your impressions!

Um comentário:

Anônimo disse...

hi there, teacher!!!!!!!
How do you do???
I'm missing you, my friend!

Analysing my answers in exercise "phrasal verbs - level 1", the result is:
90% correct
10% almost correct! jajajaja

kisses for all!!!!!
Wilson Ferreira de Araújo

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