terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Halloween is coming up!

Hi Guys,

Thanks Wilson for the kind messages about the Lion Sleeps Tonight song, you can check in a post below and about your result at phrasal verbs Quiz.

It is fantastic when I come here and can see a message of a student!

Blogging requires time and it is for you, guys!

So, October is about Halloween...I love Halloween. Since I was a child!

Witches always got my attention, specially the good ones and the mythic atmosphere.

Well, hope you motivate yourself after checking up this Martha Stewart ideas for decorating a porsche.

I rememember a Halloween party, my friend Rossana, from Tudo por 1,99 had cut many bats and ghosts to decorate it!

Let´s see if I get envolved and find sometime to decorate my house and have some fun with real classes students and also, my son and husband!

Tell me...what do you think about the decoration?

Click here to see how to do it!

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