quarta-feira, 12 de outubro de 2011

Keep calm and create your picture!!!

Hi Guys!

Today´s post is an invitation to visit a link and read instructions in English and create your own Keep Calm picture.

Do you know the history of this picture?

The British government created it in 1939  the picture with the slogan and it was printed and distributed looking forward having the population motivated. They were afraid as an invasion and war were rumors all around.

So, this picture now is public domain and many people started using it in decoration. People that know how to create and manipulate design, changed colors, pictures and slogan.

But if you, like me, cannot do it by yourself, have fun and create your pictures. It is a good idea to print and frame it to present someone you  like.

I will be happy if you e-mail me your pictures. I will post the best ones here.

Ps: This tip came from Casa de Colorir, a Braziliam Blog.

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