quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Are you ready for Halloween?

Many people want to celebrate Halloween, even in Brazil. Some people think it is not good to celebrate the other´s culture, but as an English teacher, I normally use the international dates to have extra ideas and stimulate students to read, listen, write and read. The extra dates are real good to know a little about the English speaking countries.
But as a Braziliam woman, I am a huge fan of the national traditions. I celebrated my birthday this year, listening to forró, a national rythm. A typical forró party, with a typical forró group.
So, I am total confortable to say that it is not a matter of forgetting our culture and traditions. Everyone should know their own culture and live it. Also, having a chance to know other culture is fantastic!

What is your opinion?

If you want to prepare something cool in the last minute, my godess...Martha Stewart prepared great tips. Go here.

If you will have a party and enjoy with your family, friends, students...send us pictures. I will separate the best ones to share here at Three Little Birds.

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