quinta-feira, 29 de março de 2012

Quiz: Easter (II)

Hey guys! How are you doing today?
It is raining a lot...not cats and dogs like yesterday, but still, it is a rainy day!
We did last week quiz in class and Rosane just loved it! I am happy! She asked me if many people takes it. Actually, I don´t know, because if many people take the tests and things at the blog, they don´t leave any comment around here...
So, I was thinking...Should I continue publishing the posts? Should I finish Three Little Birds blog?

I will keep it...to me, it is a pleasure...I myself take in touch with the language when writing the blog and also, I use it at a great resource in class...but, I would love to receive comments and stories about teachers or English students using the info I post here...


Thursday is the QUIZ day.

Go for it!

Click here.

There are 10 questions and explanation to the wrong ones...very easy and interesting! Good luck!

Ps: Printables for funny activities here.

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