quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Quiz: Easter

Hey Guys!
How are you doing today?
This is the best Quiz ever!
Really, it is short, it gives you information when you are wrong, it says when you are correct and why and also it gives you a profile in the end of the quiz.

So, I share with you my result:

Bright Bunny

Way to go! You must be all ears when it comes to soaking up Easter knowledge. You know Easter just wouldn’t be the same without a great Easter egg hunt. To add an eggs-tra dose of fun to this year’s celebration be sure to check out our Easter party game and activity ideas like Easter bingo and Bunny Tag, that will have your whole family doing the bunny hop!
There’s plenty of fun to be had this time of year. Celebrate the return of spring with some Easter-themed crafts, like little lambs and adorable bunny ears for the kids. Whip up some traditional Easter eats (like hot cross buns or leg of lamb. And don’t forget to dye some Easter eggs (check out our ideas for innovative egg dying this year.) And be sure to make good use of the eggs you’ve dyed with the children buy turning their artistic endeavors into devilled eggs. Happy Easter!

Curious to know your IQ Easter? Take the Quiz here.

Ps: you can buy this bunny here.

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