sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2009

March 8th - International women´s day

First I want to congratulate all the women for these special date! Women are special and have to be well treated. It is sad to know this date started being celebrated after a big number of women who died on a factory fire accident, but nowadays it is used to remember different and big women style, to improve the women´s proud, to make women think about their rights, etc.

I used to make a happy hour at home, with men playing in a band, my cousin Tony making drinks and we would be beautifully dressed to receive the cumpliments. This year I am very busy and maybe the happy hour will become a brunch...or a lunch...I don´t know.

Second, let´s think.

Is the women´s day a chauvinist day or not?
The funny men would say, ok, you have only one day a year and all the other days are men´s days...

Or they can celebrate you with a special dinner (but let you all the dishes to be washed)...

Or give you flowers, a romantic dinner in a restaurant, or taking you to dance.

I read the VIP of this month and the author tryes to wonder what are they supposed to do on Women´s day. We can give them a little hand.
So, if you think the date is supposed to be celebrated, write a post with suggestions of celebration or how you would like to celebrate it and elect a woman you recognize as a woman symbol and why.
The best posts will be published and the best answer will give to the winner a lipstick from AVON.


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raquel.velho disse...

The best way to celebrate this symbolic day - because everyday is our day! - is being with the most important women in my life: my mom and my little daughter! Sunday is a perfect day to get a walk on the beach.

angela disse...

the best way must to be just staying with my beloved ones, my husband and my little daughter....every year she gives me a flower, I still have the first one, made in a red paper, that-s is now almost white,LOL! but the better gift is always a simple phrase: mommy, I love you!
1 kiss

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