segunda-feira, 16 de março de 2009

Raquel and her lipstick

Hi Guys! Today I gave Raquel the lipstick from Avon she won for the Women´s day promo at our blog, Learn English with Kisa. She loved the color, that´s great. Raquel is a journalist from Idéia Casada, a company for consultance in image, communications, design and so. She has been lived and worked in New York for some time and she has a great English. She is Flora´s mother and both will celebrate birthday in March. Lucky Girls, aren´t they? So, let´s say hello and congratulate Raquel!!!!!!! I had to take picture of my cell phone, so, please don´t worry about the quality of image, but anyway, she is fancy, gorgeous and beautiful! The clove on the box is for today! St. Patrick's day! Comments of the promo:

raquel.velho disse...
The best way to celebrate this symbolic day - because everyday is our day! - is being with the most important women in my life: my mom and my little daughter! Sunday is a perfect day to get a walk on the beach. love, Raquel
6 de Março de 2009 07:05
angela disse...
the best way must to be just staying with my beloved ones, my husband and my little daughter....every year she gives me a flower, I still have the first one, made in a red paper, that-s is now almost white,LOL! but the better gift is always a simple phrase: mommy, I love you!1 kissAngela
7 de Março de 2009 17:44

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