sábado, 2 de julho de 2011

In the independence day mood and partying a little!

Hi there!
So, would you like to celebrate 4ht of July around here and have some party?
Here are some good tips.
I found a blog where you have many things about the independence day.
I recommend you:

Independence party ideas

(guess what! I am a partying teacher! I always use themes to have funny classes. If you like parties and want to join your family and friends to have a little immersion using English, here is the excuse!).

Apple pie recipe.

I love apple pie and probably will have one for tea time and for my week classes. Would you like to be my student? Come on!

Patriotic dessert

Barbecue recipes

Do you know they normally celebrate this day with fireworks? How different do you think being patriot is between us and them? Would you like to write me a small post about it?
Do you work for an American Company? Do they close and have a day off in Brazil?

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