terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Is that good to read or subscribe a newspaper in English?

That was the question Wil made me yesterday. For my surprise! He reminds me when I was intesifying my studies in the language and also I was crazy for improving my vocabulary. Yes, reading newspapers is challenging because they use a more natural and coloquial style and also you become updated with the news.
Nowadays, you can have an online subscription or you can subscribe to have the hardcopy (paper copy), but, I don´t know how long they will take to arrive in your place.
I know that dowtown, in Rio, there are newstands specialized in international newspapers and magazines.

I used to read The New York Times and the time I used to susbcribe to it (online), there were texts from it on the federal vestibular etc.

It is the one I used to read and then I will restart reading after our last class, ok Wil?

If you are curious, go to their website and explore it a little. Maybe there is a blog you like to follow, there is the crosswords and other games section, so you can read the front page only and see the news and get more involved with the language, the culture and use some time reading in English.
Tell me if you like the idea and your experience, ok?

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