quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Wanessa Camargo sings in English

Do you know that Wanessa Camargo (now, simply Wanessa) sings in English?
I saw it last Saturday at Caldeirão do Huck.
I liked the rythm and think that it is a marketing issue, trying to be POP and to play in discos.
It is a style that in Brazil, if you sing in Portuguese, you don´t sell CDs.
Also, in English, maybe as a Braziliam, she can make language speakers fans, don´t you think?

The only thing I think is that the lyric should be better, but let´s cross our fingers to her success and hope she can launch good songs for dancing and with good lyrics too!

Check for yourself the TV program when she performs Sticky Dough.

Guess what, she is a Braziliam and can sing in English. What about you? You can speak English too, baby!

Here you can read an interview at Rolling Stone and see more about her career projects.

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