segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Speak Up

That is a great coincidence! My student and friend Wilson today asked me about The Speak Up magazine. I remember my times of student of English, with no Internet or cable available around here. So, I used to buy this magazine. He asked me if it is a good idea or not for his level. As he can write and read in English, I think it is a good material.

If you think about having Speak UP for improving your English, here are my good points listed:

  • Update yourself about main topics including, music, film, politics etc.
  • The CD brings you different accents and English style
  • They indicate you the level of difficulty
  • They indicate you the British or American English in the topic covered
  • It always brings you a music to listen to and learn with the lyric
  • Reading magazines put you in touch with a more natural and difficult English, because magazines are written in a more coloquial language, right?
Try it and let me know your impressions, ok, Will?

What about you?

What things do you do to improve your English out of the classroom?

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