domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Hostess: Patriotic Party FREE PRINTABLES!

So, the independence day is on Monday (tomorrow, right)? If you are reading this post this Sunday or maybe this Monday and have some time to print these LOVELY free printables the blog Hostess presented us, go ahead!
It is good to use in your dinner and have a small party on Monday.
I think is good for party people that hate Mondays and also wants to practice English to be fluent. This decoration with a quick snack and maybe a good film, like "Independence day", "The Patriotic" or just some American songs on the CD player can be enough to suggest you and your love, or family or friends to have a snack, a drink and SPEAK ENGLISH TOGETHER.
If you do it, please SEND ME A PICTURE OF THE PARTY, OK?

Have the lovely printables here.

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