segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011

IKEA Small Spaces - Small ideas

Hi Guys,

Good week for everybody!!!

I saw this video at Casa com açucar blog and I really want to share with you.
Monday is a good day for dreaming and desire different things.
Watch this video and think about things that could be different in your life, attittudes that could be smarter.

This video is more than decoration. Ikea talks about concepts, life style. The part where six people share the same room, does real got my attention and made me think that it just depends on how people live. It is a style.

I will love to hear from you about this video. Thanks Wil and Erica about the comments at Sweet Child o´Mine clip. Loved your participation, guys!

A great week for everybody!!!

Remember: small ideas can make a big difference!

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