quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

The last day of the month

Hi Guys,

Today is the last day of the month. Normally, private students don´t have a regular evaluation, so I invite you to evaluate yourself and answer:

1) Which new words did you learn this month?
2) Which good tip in grammar did you learn in August?
3) How many e-mails did you change in our Pen Pal Club?
4) How do you think the Pen Pal Club cat n contribute in learning English?
5) Do you think it can bring you anything else?

When we stop and think about what we are doing, how our performance is and think about our goals, things get easier to happen.

So, looking forward hearing from you, guys!

Ps: Even if you are not my student, think about the 2 first questions and try to be in a Pen Pal Club.
Use a vocabulary notebook and check it up every end of the month and see things into "numbers". It will help you to see your vocabulary and grammar growing! Click on the image to go to the origin website.

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