sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

Surprise your guest with this pie favors!!!

Well, I love party and surprise people. If you are just like me, you will love this tip from Martha Stewart.
I share it here to stimulate students and readers or visitors to face the challenge of reading some instructions in English and follow them and be happy with the result!

From the site:

Leftover dessert doubles as guest favors when packaged in boxes that are as pretty as, well, pie. Photocopy template at 400 percent; trace onto card stock. Cut out the image with scallop scissors along scalloped edges and regular scissors on solid lines. With a straightedge and a bone folder, score paper along dotted lines. Fold along scored lines, and secure tabs with double-sided tape. Line box with parchment paper, place a slice inside, and tie on a tag."

I really need my friend Kiki to give me some tips about papers and functions and vendors...just loved it. In Brazil, we real have the habbit of taking a piece of cake back home, right?

Imagine-se em uma festa onde você pode levar os pedacinhos de bolo ou torta assim, tão lindamente encaixotados...quero ir a uma festa assim e você?

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