segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2011

Think green: cans become beautiful vases and don´t go to trash!!!

Spring is coming and to be into the spirit, and also start the week seeing flowers all around you and recycling:

When the garden is especially exuberant, it seems you can never have enough vases. Make a matching set of vessels by painting metal cans in muted hues. We refinished soup, tomato, and coffee tins in assorted sizes, and fitted them with drinking glasses to prevent rusting. To fashion your own set, smooth jagged can edges with a metal file, then use a nylon brush to apply two coats of semi-gloss latex paint; let paint dry overnight. Insert a glass into each container, fill it with water, and tuck a few blooms into it (we chose pink and purple hydrangeas, plus lady's mantle and stock). Place several containers together for a bountiful display.

Ps: Latas de nescau, molho de tomate e etc viram lindos vasos ao pintar de branco e ganham flores para deixar a casa mais festiva, gostou da dica? Aproveite para aprimorar seu inglês com essa dica e ainda embelezar sua casa ou festa.

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